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Yellow Faced Bumble Bee and the Verbena De La Mina

This is the first time I've ever seen the Yellow-faced bumble bee on the native Verbena De La Mina shrub.

In the past years I've only observed Ivory banded digger bees, honey bees and hoverflies on the blossoms.

The bumble bee visited nearly flower head on the shrub.

These bees are just so cute, like fuzzy little bears with skinny legs.

The De La Mina looks so wonderful right now.

It has more blossoms than in the past, and it has grown at least twelve inches both in height and width.

So hard to imagine what it looked like a few years ago during a very wet winter.

The slugs had devoured the entire plant down to the nubs. I thought the shrub would never recover.

This is a very tough, beautiful native plant adored by the bees.

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