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Watching the dragonflies circle the garden

We have been observing daily dragonflies flying through the garden throughout most of the daylight hours.

When we first moved to this house a few months ago, I immediately noticed large dragonflies flying high in air, zooming through the backyard without stopping. A water source would attract them, but there is no stream or lake in the immediate vicinity.

Now that we have settled in, and brought our eighty potted plants, the dragonflies don't just fly through, but circle the field and garden. I think some soft-bodied insects such as flies are attracted to our plants, therefore providing a food source for the dragonflies.

Because the dragonflies seem to be constantly in motion, I haven't been able to figure out what kind they are.

Until yesterday.

There were three of them constantly circling the garden. And then one of them decided to have a rest.

Here it is on our rusty bird cage holder that we discovered lying in the backyard of our former house, about ten years ago. This is a Blue-Eyed Darner female. Lengthwise, they are almost the same size as a hummingbird.

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