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The cedar waxwings are back in full force

I've been wondering when the beautiful cedar waxwings would return for their annual visit.

And here they are!

They chatter and sing in the redwood tree for most of the morning.

Below the redwood tree a "volunteer tree" decided to grow between the two fences that divide our and a neighbor's property. We still can't figure out what tree it is, but it currently has a lot of dark blue berries on it. And the cedar waxwings are enjoying those berries.

This is the first year that I've observed the waxwings eating the berries of the volunteer tree.

The waxwings can eat too many berries and get drunk.

Our neighbor told me that one of the birds flew into her bay window that faces the redwood tree.

She went outside to check on the bird, but saw no sign of any waxwings on the ground.

We think that it may just have been temporarily dazed.

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