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Summer Long-Horned bee hotel

I have been checking every evening at sunset the Pozo Blue sage to see how many Summer Long-Horned male bees are sleeping on the dried flowerhead. The bees seem to prefer the same tallest flowerhead for their bed, and they sleep facing the east side of the flowerhead, and not on the west side. Perhaps this is that they can absorb the first rays of the morning sun to wake up?

What is very interesting is that every evening the number of males sleeping on the same flowerhead increased.

There are four here, with one male sleeping on a separate flowerhead, nearby.

The next evening there were eight of them.

The next evening there were ten of them!

You can see some orange pollen on the flowerhead below, that must have fallen off the bees as they moved around to find their sleeping spot.

Yesterday evening there were nine Summer Long-horned males on the same flowerhead.

On the lower level there are three bees.

I guess they realized they couldn't all fit on the same flowerhead.


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