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Spring is here

Birds are singing and building nests, while some of the native bees are emerging from their nests.

Fortunately our native plants are blooming in synch with the arrival of native bees and butterflies.

With climate change, we can't take this all for granted.

We have been lucky to have some rain showers in the very early morning hours.

And we are grateful for every drop of rain.

I have been spot watering plants several times a week with water saved from food preparation, as well as from the shower (until the water is warm enough to shower in, we have a bucket in the tub to collect the cold water).

The lavender and Ray Hartman ceanothus are buzzing with activity - bees, butterflies and birds.

In the top photo are California golden Eschscholzia californica and California Coastal poppies Eschscholzia californica var. maritima


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