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Sleeping Summer Long-horned bees

Ooh, here they are! Summer Long-horned bees Melissodes robustior (Apidae) sleeping in a California Delta sunflower.

Note how the one on the right has its face hidden between two petals.

As luck would have it, as I was observing the two bees, one woke up and started on breakfast, while the other bee started to wake up from its slumber.

Meanwhile, on another California Delta sunflower, another Summer Long-horned bee was tightly curled into a ball as it slept. You can see the wings pointing together out at an angle to the right, while its antennae shape a wide vee under the center of the flower.

Here the same bee is slowly uncurling as it gradually wakes up.

And time to feed on the disk florets (the petals of the sunflower are actually called ray florets).

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