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Sleeping bees

Take your time, keep your eyes and ears open when you are outdoors in nature, and you will witness the most amazing things.

This morning while checking out the latest developments in our garden, I noticed this sleeping Yellow-faced bumble bee Bombus vosnesenskii. After a week of mostly cool and cloudy days, this was the first sunny and warm morning.

So when I slightly moved the lambs ear stalk, the bee immediately woke up, flew up in the air and headed for the closest California poppy.

Here is a Yellow-faced bumble bee, sleeping face down in the middle of a lambs' ear plant.

At first I was afraid that the bee was dead.

But when I gently tapped the leaf, the bee backed right out of the plant, and headed straight for a California poppy.

Fascinating that the bee would sleep headfirst in the leaves.

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