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Ray Hartman ceanothus in bloom

It's always such a treat to witness the Ray Hartman ceanothus blooming overnight.

Okay, the blossoms were buds for several days.

Then they all burst into bloom a few days ago.

The scent of the blossoms is like honey.

No wonder the bees and birds are constantly on the shrub all day.

If you live in California, this is the plant for you.

It's a native, grows quickly (from a little seedling to six feet within a couple of years), is drought tolerant, needs no water during the summer, and provides pollen and nectar for your pollinators.

Apparently deer also are attracted to this ceanothus, but so far no deer have been sighted in the garden.

Fingers crossed that they're not interested in our shrub.

A lavender plant thrives next to the ceanothus.

It has been blooming throughout the winter, providing for the pollinators.


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