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Progress update on our field cleanup

Every day I work in the field and other areas of the yard.

The field is quite dry with a lot of dried grass, and oodles of fennel plants.

We've been digging out a lot of the fennel, mostly the dried up ones, using Kusakichi hand tools.

We're leaving for now the dandelions and fennel growing along the fence until the butterflies are no longer active in the winter months.

These Kusakichi handmade gardening tools, purchased from a local Japanese tool store, are so effective! The scary medieval looking tools are a pick hoe, "bear claw" and ika hoe.

On the other side of the field there's a lot of ivy and blackberry growing on the fence between us and other neighbors. There's way too much of it, so I've been pulling it. The blackberry vines have razor sharp thorns, and working with them we have to be super careful not to get injured in the process.

As soon as we empty the empty wheelbarrow contents into the compost bins for city pickup, it's full again with more vines.

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