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Progress in the field

32 California native seedlings have now been planted in our field.

I've been digging so many holes, I feel like a giant gopher!

Since we had some rain more than a week ago, at least the clay soil doesn't have the consistency of cement.

Two of the holes had to be especially big to fit galvanized steel mesh gopher "cages" that we made.

You can see one of the cages in the photo above.

The plant is an Island mallow Malva assurgentiflora, which can grow up to twelve feet in height and ten feet in width.

Gophers also love to gnaw on the tender trunk. Hence, the gopher cage.

Some of the seedlings planted, surrounded with some wood chips and marked with bamboo chopsticks.

Among the plants here are White sage Salvia apiana, Nude buckwheat Eriogonum nudum, Coyote brush Baccharis pilularis, Dark Star Mountain Lilac Ceanothus Dark Star, Blue Elderberry Sambucus cerulea.

A California honeysuckle vine Lonicera hispidula.

The vine can grown to four feet wide, so we have a wide trellis behind it for support.

Red-flowered buckwheat Eriogonum grande var. rubescens and a Pacific aster Symphyotrichum chilense

Another fourteen plants to go for the field.

Then it's the front yard next.

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