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Pollinators in the garden

From morning to evening, our pollinators are so fascinating to observe.

Here is a Yellow-Faced Bumble Bee sipping nectar from a Pozo Blue Salvia blossom.

Interesting to watch it keep the petals pushed open with its forelegs, while the hind legs dangle.

How can this flying teddy bears keep themselves suspended like this?

In the heat of mid-day, this Fiery Skipper perched for a while on top of one of the Coyote Bushes.

There are lots of little skippers flying around the native garden all day long.

Here is one of many Painted Lady visitors, about to sip nectar from a blossom on the Pozo Blue salvia.

The Pozo Blue is a very popular California native plant, and definitely a favorite of the Painted Ladies.


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