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Monarch Butterfly laying Eggs on Milkweed

The potted native milkweed plants have awakened from their dormant period, some rising faster than the others.

I'm trying to focus more on providing more nectar plants for the monarch and other butterflies, but still have at least nine of the native milkweed that I planted five years ago.

With the emergence of the milkweed, monarchs are visiting the garden, laying eggs.

My main concern, as usual, is that there is enough milkweed to feed those hungry monarch babies.

Here, a Western monarch female is laying eggs on a Showy milkweed leaf.

One of the eggs laid a week ago, on the leaf of another Showy Milkweed plant.

Mama monarch resting in the warmth of the sun, before depositing eggs on the milkweed plants.

The Xerces Society provides excellent information about monarch butterflies, their habitat, which milkweed and nectar plants to grow in your area:

Let's all help these beautiful creatures survive and thrive!

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