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Mama house finch has abandoned the nest

Oh dear!

There may be no incubation of finches in the nest that was built on the drainpipe outside of our house.

I only saw mama house finch sitting in the nest for about five days.

On day six, when I observed the nest from the front yard, mama finch flew up into the redwood tree and sat on a branch facing the nest.

I assumed that she was just taking a break and was going to forage for a meal of insects.

But that was the last I ever saw of her, and the nest has been abandoned since that day.

According to what I read, bird eggs that haven't hatched cannot be taken in to any of our local wildlife rescue centers to be incubated.

Apparently most bird eggs will remain healthy for up to two weeks before incubation starts, and they can survive without warmth for about a week. An egg in a nest has to be turned several times throughout the day, and requires very specific humidity.

We have just left the nest alone. But if we hear little peeping sounds, and there is still no sight of the parents, then we could take the hatched finches to a wildlife rescue center.

Meanwhile, this is what the nest still looks like.

And there are still house finches singing, chirping and flying around the garden.


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