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Little Sleepyheads

Since I hadn't seen Summer Long-horned males sleeping in the garden for several days, I was feeling rather sad, thinking it was the end of the season for them in our garden.

But oh yes, they are still here.

They favor the Cosmos blossoms these days for their beds.

In the top photo, there are two snuggled around the disc florets of the blossom, heads pushed against the petals.

Nearby, four Summer Long-horned males are asleep in another Cosmos blossom.

Three are snuggled around the disc florets, while one seems to be grasping onto a floret with one leg.

Sometimes they just like to sleep alone, or perhaps were pushed off a blossom by others who were settling in for the night and didn't want to be too much of a crowd.

Two other Summer Long-Horned males in another Cosmos blossom.

It's so fascinating how they started out sleeping on the stem and flowerheads of a native nude buckwheat, then after a week moved on to the Coast and Hairy Gumplants, and now the Cosmos. The buckwheat and gumplants are still in bloom, but this is what they prefer now.


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