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Ladybugs proliferating in the field

There are so many ladybugs in the garden and field!

And they seem to be thriving, as they pollinate all of our plants as they travel around.

For a few days this ladybug larva was developing on our Blue Elderberry Sambucus mexicana seedling while an adult ladybug wandered all over other leaves of the same plant.

I feel so fortunate to have so many ladybugs here.

Hopefully they will take care of the aphids that are appearing on the tender milkweed shoots.

Ladybugs hibernate through the winter months and don't fly in temperatures below 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

Be sure to have plants in your garden that will provide nectar and pollen for the ladybugs, and they will come.

Do not buy ladybugs!

They are harvested from the wild, which leads to the decimation of their population.

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