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First time ever Orange Sulfur

About an hour ago, I went out in the heat of the day, 90 degrees F. to check up on wildlife activities in the field of native plants. I expected to see some Painted Ladies since they have often been visiting these days.

Instead I saw the butterfly here nectaring on the Pacific Aster.

Such a surprise because first of all, I've never seen any yellow butterflies visiting any of our gardens here, and second, I've never ever seen an Orange Sulfur butterfly Colias eurytheme.

Of course, I had to look it up to figure out what kind of butterfly it is.

Apparently this is a summer male of the species, because of the bright hindwing undersides.

During cold seasons and in the spring, the hindwing underside would have a cloudy greenish gray color.

The underwing of females is never a bright yellow.

The beautiful male spent five to ten minutes nectaring on many blossoms of the Pacific Aster while I observed it.

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