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Busy Bath Time

The hermit thrush, who is looking at me in the photo above, was happily bathing and soaking in the bird bath.

A golden-crowned sparrow waited its turn for a while, perched in the blackberry vines behind and above the bath.

But the hermit thrush showed no intention of leaving, and the sparrow became impatient. The sparrow hopped into the bath. The thrush remained.

As the thrush sat in the bath, the sparrow bathed, fluffing its wings between dips in the water.

The thrush is facing the camera here. Doesn't it have the expression of - when is this sparrow going to leave?

Both birds are splashing and diving in the bath in this photo.

This is not a large bath, as you can see. I wonder how they managed to bathe at the same time.

While the thrush and sparrow splashed in the bath, a yellow bearded sparrow arrived on the scene.

The newcomer didn't attempt to hop into the bath, and just observed the bath activity.

As it stands on the platform outside of the bath, you can see to the right of the photo, the wings of one of the other two birds, and a foot sticking over the rim of the bath.

A few seconds after I took this photo, all three birds flew away.

A couple of minutes later, the hermit thrush returned, happy to have the bath all to itself again.

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