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Brown eyed Bushtit fledgling

A group of Brown-eyed bushtits visited the patio, including a fledgling.

It caught my interest because of its behavior.

After the rest of the flock left, this bushtit perched on different branches.

The bushtits normally visit to feed on insects, not to perch or preen their feathers.

Here it is perched on the branch of the India Fire abutilon, looking skyward, probably waiting for its mother.

Checking a spent flower head of the Hummingbird sage for insects.

Perched on a Silver Bush lupine branch, preening its feathers.

This was a great opportunity to observe a bushtit preening, because normally they fly through quickly, stopping by just long enough to feed on insects on abutilon blossoms, in the ceanothus shrub, the lupine shrubs or the lemon tree

Okay, mom, where are you?

I'm hungry.

And mama flew to the rescue. She is behind the abutilon blossom.

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