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Black Phoebe and fledgling

For the past week we've been observing Black Phoebe parents and their fledglings around our back field.

It's the first time that there have been more than solitary Black Phoebes visiting.

Even more thrilling is that they are raising families somewhere nearby!

Our back field/yard seems to be providing enough insects for these birds to eat, that they visit throughout the day, bringing their fledglings to feed.

In the photo above, a fledgling is sitting on our sugar snap pea trellis, waiting for its parent to bring it lunch.

The fledgling then flew to the back fence, where its parent brought it a tasty insect.

I can't figure out what it is.

Black Phoebe adults perch high up on fences, posts, cable wires or branches, constantly keeping an eye out for their prey. When they spot an insect, they quickly dive down and pluck the unsuspecting victim.

Then they whack it on a surface, in this case, the fence, before ingesting it or feeding it to their young.

Fledgling and parent resting side by side, perched on top of a tomato cage.

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