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Birds in the Bath

The birdbath certainly is THE place to be, both for drinking and bathing.

Although the bath isn't very large, the Western Scrub jays bathe and drink there throughout the day.

Aside from the occasional American crows, these are the largest birds to visit.

While the Western Scrub jays make their presence known when they bathe, shrieking each time they emerge from a dip, the occasional Oak Titmouse is a very quiet bather. They are so quick and silent, that I have to be lucky to ever capture an image of them.

California towhees are very frequent bathers and drinkers at our bath.

I think this is a very funny picture of one of the towhees.

Makes you wonder, what it's examining, doesn't it?

Hmm, possibly a bee is sitting on the stone in the bath, drinking water.

The towhee didn't linger for long, and flew away.

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