Bees and All That Pollen

Look at all the pollen on the Tiny Metallic Sweat Bee Lasioglossum sp Halictidae.

It is rolling in the pollen of a California poppy.

One never realizes how much pollen there can be in a poppy blossom.

At first I couldn't figure out what kind of bee this was until I enlarged the photos.

It was so yellow with pollen I almost thought it was a honey bee.

The same bee photographed from above.

It is covered with so much pollen, you wonder how it can see.

A Blue Mining Bee male Andrena cerasifolii visiting a Bird's-eye Gilia blossom.

Its legs were covered in blue pollen from the blossom.

After collecting pollen, the bee flew to a nearby California poppy to move all the pollen to its baskets.

Plant native and the pollinators will come!

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