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Bee Bed & Breakfast

One of the biggest compliments a gardener can get - bees sleeping in the garden.

Last year was the first time we observed Summer Long-horned males sleeping in the garden.

You may recall from an earlier post, in August, that there were a dozen of them sleeping on dried flower spires on our Pozo Blue sage. That was at the house we moved from in September.

Now that we developed a new native habitat for pollinators in the garden of our current house, it's wonderful to see sleeping Summer Long-horned bees on a stem of one of our nude buckwheat plants.

The photo above was taken in the evening.

Here are the same bees starting to wake up.

Some of the group were already at work at the Seaside Woolly Sunflower shrub, located almost next to the nude buckwheat. The orange splotches in the background are California poppies.

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