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Baja Fairy Duster Post- Atmospheric River

Well we certainly had a good soaking when the atmospheric river poured down on us, day and night, for several days last weekend and early this week.

Fortunately, since we live in the hills, there was no flooding. We made sure to clear the storm drain at the curb below us, and there was no danger of mudslides where we live.

The garden looks greener and all the plants have perked up, including this native Baja Fairy Duster plant Calliandra californica that has been producing blossoms for several weeks.

I'm so thrilled because we have had the plant in a large pot on the patio for several years, and the last time it bloomed, two years ago, it only produced two blossoms. This Baja California native is an evergreen that grows into a 5' tall by 5' wide shrub. The blossoms attract hummingbirds.


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