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A Ruby-crowned kinglet

Several Ruby-crowned kinglets are back for their annual visit.

These birds are common in forests throughout Canada and the northwestern United States, during summer months.

It's always a delight to spot them hopping around our backyard and patio.

You can see that the kinglet above is literally hopping along the fence.

This photo was taken through a glass sliding door, when I first noticed the kinglet.

Note its red crown that looks like a red patch on its head. When they get excited they flash their red crown, that stands up on their head. I've never witnessed the flashing crown, and this is the first time that I've ever seen the red feathered crown at all.

The kinglets seem to be very comfortable around the backyard, even when I'm nearby.

There must be enough for them to eat. I'm only too glad that the aphids, ants and wasps are eaten.

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