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A Round of Robins and the Ivy Berries

This is our first winter in our current house.

I wondered if the American robins would visit our backyard, as they visited the previous backyard because of a huge Coastal redwood tree in our neighbor's garden. They would congregate in the redwood and often fly into our yard to devour ripe berries on English ivy growing along a fence.

Most of us in the neighborhood consider English ivy a horrible non-native invasive nuisance.

I pull out most of the ivy around the yard, as I did in our previous backyard, but leave some to provide berries for visiting robins and Cedar Waxwings in the early spring.

A few weeks ago while having breakfast we were delighted to observe a round of robins, probably thirty of them, devouring the ivy berries along one of the backyard fences.

This was on a day of respite from heavy rain showers.

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