A Chestnut-backed Chickadee and Brown-eyed Bushtit visit

The Chestnut-backed Chickadees often can be heard around the garden, chattering and chirping in the trees and shrubs.

They can be very elusive. When they visit around the garden they are so quick that I rarely can capture photos of them.

This was such a wonderful surprise, a chickadee in the birdbath.

These photos were taken through the sliding screen door, therefore not so sharp, with a soft effect.

In the above image the chickadee is wet from its bath.

And then a Brown-eyed Bushtit landed on the birdbath platform.

It seemed to be waiting its turn in the bath.

The bushtit patiently waited for the chickadee to leave.

You would expect that the bushtit would quickly test the bath water.

Instead it peered in the bath, as if it wondered what was going on in there.

After checking out the bath, the bushtit flew away.

Another chickadee visited the abutilon shrub.

It seems to be a very popular feeding spot for the chickadees and bushtits.

One could assume that there are some very tasty insects there.

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