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Respite for the birds in the garden

The birds are surviving the toxic air that has been surrounding us for more than a week.

Fortunately we aren't too close to the terrifying and destructive California wildfires.

But the particulate levels in the air have been dangerously high, preventing us from venturing outdoors without N-95 masks.

We worry about the local wildlife, and I try to monitor them by observing them through the windows. Fortunately many plants are still blooming.

One morning I spent some time spraying the ash off leaves and blossoms, using the fine shower mode on our hose.

The Anna's hummingbirds find their nectar in the blossoms, such as the California figwort Scrophularia californica, as shown above. This hummingbird perched on the figwort branch and fed on the nectar and insects, from its sitting position.

I also changed the water in the bird bath several times a day.

The bath was very popular, as the birds, such as this oak titmouse, found it so refreshing to drink and bathe in the cool filtered water.

The oak titmouse spent more time in the bath than it usually does.

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