Pollinators in the heat

As long as there are food sources, the pollinators will visit.

Here a Summer Long-Horned Bee, possibly a Long-Horned Sunflower Bee female, is collecting pollen from a California Delta Sunflower.

The peak flight season for these bees tends to be early June to early August.

They are still visiting the garden, even though it is late August.

A Gulf Fritillary female is resting on a nasturtium leaf on the patio.

The host plant for these butterflies is the passionflower Passiflora, and we have a Passiflora parritae x tarminiana‘Oaklandia’ plant growing in a pot on the patio.

The fritillary females keep laying eggs on the vine, and as you may recollect from an earlier post, there were three caterpillars on the vine. Unfortunately, spiders attacked them and they didn't survive.

Every day we check the vine for larvae, but so far nothing.

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