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Still thriving

We have experienced a heat wave followed by terrible wildfires in the area, as well as very poor air quality. Here in the area where we live far from the fires, we are only experiencing poor air quality due to the smoke and ashes from the fires. And wildlife continues to go about their business .

It is so uplifting to witness California natives doing quite well in the garden.

For example, the California poppies in the photo above are growing in the middle of the front yard. The plant popped up through the dry soil, apparently from seeds blown in the wind from the the dried pods from other poppy plants.

Just when I thought the Ella Nelson's Yellow naked buckwheat plants were going dormant, several stalks started to produce lovely blooms. Aren't they lovely?

A few weeks ago I purchased more California native seedlings, including two more Red-flowered Buckwheat Eriogonum grande var. rubescens plants for the front yard, from Annie's Annuals

Yes, it's the end of summer, dry and hot.

It seems like a bad time to purchase plants.

But all the plants, which are California natives, are doing very well.

Since they were seedlings when I planted them, I give them some water every other day, usually used kitchen water, left over from washing vegetables or boiling pasta.

Look how this one red buckwheat is sprouting buds. And new stems are growing from the main base.

The buckwheat and poppies are visited throughout the day by bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds.

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