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Anna's hummingbird sipping

Here in the Bay Area, this month has the nickname "Fogust".

It's foggy until midday, then the sun breaks through.

While the temperatures remain in the sixties in San Francisco, here in the East Bay, especially inland, it can get quite warm, even up into the nineties.

Plants that aren't native to the area really suffer with the cool dampness of the morning and evening fog, combined with the sometimes brutal heat of the day.

But our native pollinators always find nourishment.

We do have some non-native plants in our garden, and they too provide nectar for the bees, butterflies and hummingbirds.

Here an Anna's hummingbird is sipping nectar from a potted, non-native Agastache morello shrub. The nectar must be tasty because the hummingbird spent a long time on the plant before it moved on to another Agastache plant, which still has plenty of blossoms.

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