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Hungry Northern Mockingbird Fledgling, Mama and the Blueberries

Yesterday I observed this fascinating and humorous interaction between a hungry Northern Mockingbird fledgling and its mother.

First I saw the fledgling land in one of the plant beds, and then it flew to a nearby large pot containing a Blue Blossom Ceanothus Ceanothus thyrsiflorus. As the fledgling quietly perched on the rim of the pot, its mother appeared with a blueberry in her beak. The fledgling quickly devoured the berry.

We have a small Sunshine Blueberry shrub a few feet away from the ceanothus pot, and it is now full of ripening berries. It's providing fruit for the mockingbirds and towhees.

After mama mockingbird fed the fledgling several blueberries, she flew away.

The fledgling patiently waited, taking a look around from its perch.

Suddenly it looked up and started to peep.

That's how I knew that mama was returning.

As soon as mama landed the fledgling peeped louder, opening its beak wide, as if to announce it was very hungry.

Mama immediately plucked another blueberry for the fledgling.

After feeding her fledgling several more blueberries, it still wanted more.

The expression on mama's face seemed to say "ANOTHER ONE?!"

She then fed the fledgling another blueberry.

Both mockingbirds then flew away to a tree.

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