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Drama at the birdbath

I'm starting to notice different species of birds sharing and not sharing the birdbath.

Usually just one bird at a time will savor the pleasure of diving and splashing in solitude.

But then there are those times when multiple birds want their turn and get impatient.

In this instance, as a golden crowned sparrow splashed in the bath, a hermit thrush flew to a branch of the fig tree nearby. I suspect the hermit thrush is the same bird that is in the bath early in the morning, and again just before sundown.

The hermit thrush seemed annoyed that the bath was occupied by the sparrow.

It flew from the branch into the bath and ousted the sparrow.

The thrush is on the left, the sparrow on the right of the bath.

It's no wonder I need to replenish the bath every morning with fresh, filtered water.

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