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The constant visitor in our garden, black phoebe

This Northern Black Phoebe seems to be very comfortable in our garden.

It visits throughout the day, chirping, and always on the watch for insects.

Apparently it finds a lot of food here.

It is perched here on a dried Delta Sunflower plant that I left in the ground, for three years now, because the branches provide good vantage points for visiting birds.

Perched on a bamboo pole, the black phoebe is vigilant.

These birds are usually associated closely with water sources such as rivers, streams and the ocean.

The only water source in our garden is our small birdbath on the patio.

This is why I can only assume that there must be a lot of insects to eat.

The black phoebe's diet includes flies, beetles, termites and spiders.

This black phoebe didn't seem to mind at all that I took a lot of photos as it perched on the dried sunflower plant. Here it tilted its head as it watched me.

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