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Verbena De La Mina thriving

Ooh, the Verbena De La Mina is starting to produce its first blossoms of the year.

It's so wonderful to see because last year the voracious slugs devoured the entire plant down to the nubs. It's possible that the plant was spared this year because I didn't plant Platystemon californicus “Cream Cups” nearby in the walled plant bed. The slugs loved to eat the cream cup leaves, and the plant also provided a good hiding area for the critters.

This winter the De La Mina is so lush because of the rain we've been getting.

Verbena lilacina 'De La Mina' - Cedros Island Verbena is a California native, first discovered on Cedros Island, off the coast of Baja, California.

Bees are frequent visitors in the summer, especially Ivory Banded Digger Bees.

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