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Buzzing around the patio

The blossoms on many plants are drying up, as is usual for this time of year.

But pollinators are still finding good nectar sources.

The hover fly above spent quality time in the Cosmos bipinnatus "Prom dress".

A few months ago I planted a Monardella villosa "Coyote Mint Russian River" seedling in an old rain water barrel.

I'm thrilled that the plant is producing many blossoms, which are pinkish lavender. And it's wonderful to observe butterflies and bees, such as this honey bee enjoying the nectar of those


Wool Carder bees, such as this one on a lavender blossom, are showing up more often on the patio plants now that the lambs ears in the front yard are no longer in bloom.

The cosmos blossoms are definitely popular with bees.

This honey bee is getting nectar from a Cosmos bipinnatus "Snow puff".

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