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The popular, humble dandelion

Dandelion blossoms provide nectar to pollinators from spring through fall.

Dandelions aren't everyone's favorite, they always bring cheer to any day with their bright yellow blossoms. And they are one of the first nectar sources for pollinators in the springtime.

Although there may be other blossoms in the garden providing nectar throughout the spring and summer, bees and butterflies still visit dandelions.

In the image above, a California Hairstreak Satyrium californica sips nectar from a dandelion blossom.

Before it flies off to check the rest of the garden.

Meanwhile, a Cabbage White Pieris rapae spent some time sipping nectar from other dandelions.

If you aren't a big fan of dandelions, at least spare a patch in your garden where they are growing, because their nectar bearing blossoms are so important for pollinators, especially at this time of year when many other nectar sources are starting to dry up.

And don't EVER use pesticides.

If you must get rid of dandelion plants in parts of your garden, pull them out by their roots, using a weeder.

This is the most environmentally friendly method to be rid of unwanted plants and you'll get a good workout at the same time!

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