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Everyone enjoys the Delta sunflowers

Look who is eating dried Delta sunflower blossoms.

This is the first time I've seen a squirrel sitting in the sunflower shrub.

It looks very comfortable, doesn't it?

And the dried blossoms must be very delicious because the squirrel ate several of them, wherever it could reach.

The Delta sunflowers have visitors all day - bees, birds and butterflies, and now a squirrel.

This is why I plant these native sunflowers every year.

They are popular with pollinators and other wildlife throughout the sunflower's life cycle.

Even now when the leaves are turning brown, the shrub provides nutrition for everyone.

There are seeds for the birds and squirrels, tiny insects on the dried leaves for birds, nectar and habitat for the butterflies and birds.

And what joy it brings to see those glorious yellow blossoms bobbing in the breeze.

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