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Monarch chrysalis in a curious place

I read today that some monarch caterpillars will weave their silk pads and attach to the underside of stones and proceed to pupate.

When I got home this evening I decided to take a quick look at stones in our backyard in the area between the milkweed pots and the wall of our house.

Well, I didn't notice any chrysalides under stones, but look what I discovered, a chrysalis hanging from under an old garden hose! The hose is part of a cluster of garden hoses right next to some of the milkweed pots. We just haven't gotten around to finding other uses for the hoses and so there they lie, like a nest of snakes.

Somehow this monarch caterpillar decided it's a good place to pupate.

We're just concerned that the hose is very close to the ground, and when the monarch emerges it won't have enough space to hang and dry its wings.

Looks like we will need to raise the hose high enough for the butterfly to comfortably stretch and dry its wings.

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