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Some very good books about pollinators and pollinator-friendly gardening

Aside from being a passionate organic gardener, planting for the pollinators, I am also an avid reader. I have many nature-themed books about pollinators, other beneficial insects, both non-fiction as well as poetry and prose.

Here are some very wonderful books that you absolutely should have, if you want to learn more about pollinators and how to create habitats for them in your garden.

This wonderful book, meant for gardening in North America, was written and published by the Xerxes Society,

It includes suggestions for native plants and habitat designs to help butterflies and moths thrive.

Full of photographs, this book provides garden strategies that have proven to be very successful to attract and support these lovely winged creatures.

I just read about "Buzz" today. It is currently only available as hardcover but will be available in paperback in September this year.

Thor Hanson is a conservation biologist and award-winning author of "The Triumph of Seeds" and "Feathers".

"Buzz" presents the natural and cultural history of bees, and has received rave reviews.

I can't wait to purchase a copy of it.

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