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Another Leaf Cutting Bee Sighting

The leaf cutting bees Megachile Latreille have been busy in the native patch for several weeks now, and I've observed them on the Klondike Orange Sulphur Cosmos shrub.

But I haven't yet noticed any of their handiwork - circular or cylindrical holes along plant leaves.

Usually I know these bees are around by first seeing the even holes along the edges of rose leaves.

Because of the tapered, triangular broad abdomen with a dense mass of hair, or scopa, beneath, and the pointed tip, you can tell that this is a Megachile perihirta female.

One of the distinctive characteristics of these bees is their wing position while foraging. While other bees, such as the Yellow-Faced Bumble Bees, close and fold their wings over the top of their abdomen, these bees hold their wings out to the side.

Such fascinating creatures!

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