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Bewick's Wren fledglings

One afternoon last week I heard the familiar chatter, screech and trills of Bewick Wrens. But there were also some other cheeping sounds.

I then saw a fluffy bird perched on a garden pole on the patio. Because of the fluffiness I didn't recognize what kind of bird it was. It sort of looked like a wren.

Meanwhile an adult Bewick Wren foraged in the potted blueberry shrubs.

The adult flew up to the fluffy one and fed it something in its beak.

That's when I realized that the fluffy one was a Bewick Wren fledgling, and there was another hopping in the garden bed close by.

This was such a pleasant surprise, the Bewick Wrens' have a brood!

A few days later the same wrens, parents and fledglings were in the plant bed foraging.

They suddenly took flight, flying just above my head.

There were, aside from the parents, not two, not three.

And not even four, but five fledglings!

To think that they successfully raised the five fledglings right in the lush foliage of trees and shrubs surrounding our patio, brings such joy.

In the above photo one of the fledglings just devoured a treat it discovered on the patio.

I couldn't figure out what it was.

In the photo below the fledgling is eating its treasure.

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