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Navajo Fleabane is thriving

A few years ago I was extremely fortunate to find and purchase this rare plant, Erigeron concinnus Navajo Fleabane, from Annies Annuals

The Navajo Fleabane is native to the dry mountains of the Mojave Desert around Death Valley in southeast California. It is a perennial flowering plant in the daisy family, and grows up to about a foot tall.

Native Americans had many medicinal uses for this plant.

The Navajo people made a lotion of it to relieve headaches and general body pain. They also used it in cold infusions and as an aid in difficult childbirth.

The Kiowa people used it as a good luck charm.

I originally planted two Navajo Fleabane seedlings, but the second one dried up and perished last summer. The surviving plant goes completely dormant in the early autumn, leading one to believe it won't ever grow again. Yet here we are, blessed with these lovely blooms, which are often visited by bees.

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