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Poppies, Poppies everywhere

Can you tell I love poppies?

Here is California Orange Chiffon poppy in the early morning.

At first these poppies are dark orange, then the colors slowly fade, day by day, in the bright sunlight.

Here is a Golden Poppy Eschscholtzia californica, the state flower of California.

This was also taken in the morning, before the sun rose.

These poppies are sometimes known as the Flame Flower, and became the state flower in 1903.

Meanwhile, on the patio the Pandora poppy plants Papaver rhoeas, Pandora, are producing many blossoms, mostly in this rich shade of red.

Next to the pots of Pandora poppy plants we planted two Lavender Feathers poppy plants Papaver hybridum'Lavender Feathers' .

Two years ago we planted two other Lavender Feathers plants (they are annuals), but they didn't grow as tall as the two plants this year. Currently they are both five feet tall!

The flower heads are very large, to about five inches across.

I now braced the tall stems with bamboo poles so that they don't bend and break.

The poppy head above is starting to open and you can see the feathery petals.

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