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Monarch resting on tree fern fronds

Last weekend, when the weather was dry and sunny, there was a lot of activity in the garden and patio. Birds were visiting all day, and bees and butterflies were feeding on nectar.

This is the first monarch to visit our patio.

It circled around, then would rest, fly away, then return.

And this, I believe, is the main reason:

The milkweed plants are emerging out of their state of dormancy.

And look how good this narrow leafed milkweed looks.

Since we are renters, I don't dare plant milkweed in the ground because our landlords might not appreciate the efforts, and think of the plants as weeds.

And all of our milkweed plants are in large pots.

It's such a joy to see that they are so healthy that they are growing back, so far fourteen of them.

Maybe this is a result of all of the rainstorms we have had this year, because in previous years the milkweed plants didn't grow back after being cut down to the nubs for the winter.

Now, we just keep our fingers crossed, hoping all the milkweed plants continue to grow and remain healthy, to feed monarch caterpillars through autumn.

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