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Cedar Waxwings on the utility cables

Early in the morning when I was checking out the front garden, I noticed a huge flock of cedar waxwings descending on a neighbor's Toyon shrub that was full of berries.

They flew back and forth from the shrub to a magnolia tree across the street, each with a berry in their beak. They were very silent, I didn't hear their wings flapping. I don't know if anyone else witnessed this fascinating event.

Once they had eaten their fill of Toyon berries, they settled on the utility cables, high above the street.

There they settled for ten minutes, time enough for me to run into the house to grab my camera.

And here they are, resting.

There are over one hundred of them.

The top photo is a closeup from the same shot.

And then they flew away, circling around the neighborhood.

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