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Yellow-rumped Warbler visiting

I was observing through a window the American robins feasting on ivy berries in the backyard.

And look who suddenly flew in the yard to take in the warmth of the sun, a female yellow-rumped warbler. She landed on a tomato cage, where there are some old tomato plants still growing (well, sort of).

I had no option but to take the photos through the window glass, because she would certainly have flown away if I had gone out to the patio with the camera.

She appears to be a young Audubon Yellow-rumped Warbler.

Look at those distinctive yellow patches on her head, throat and breast.

And her feathers look so soft and fluffed up.

After relaxing in the sun for about fifteen minutes, she climbed to the top of another tomato cage and flew up into a tree nearby.

This photo caught her a nano second before her wings lifted her up in the air.

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