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Pandora poppies on the patio

The Papaver rhoeas 'Pandora' poppies are getting a lot of rain, which is great because they thrive in the cool temperatures and winter rains we have been experiencing.

A year ago in the spring, I planted a couple of these as seedlings in one of the patio garden beds. They did well for a few months, producing a couple of lovely blooms, but they didn't produce much foliage or grow very tall. Eventually they shriveled up and perished.

Last autumn I planted two Pandora poppy seedlings in larger flower pots on the patio, to see how well they would do.

So far these two plants have grown to at least fifteen inches tall and are producing a lot of foliage and buds. I don't know if it's been too cold for the plants or if they are getting too much rain.

The buds start to bloom but don't fully open. And sometimes the flower stalks wither with the buds on them.

It would be great if the the buds would fully open because these are very lovely poppies with unique color patterns.

Here is a Pandora poppy that bloomed last year in the garden bed.

And here is another from the second Pandora poppy plant last year.

Pandora poppy plant growing in a pot.

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