... and more raindrops on the Hellebore

Ah, the lovely Helleborus orientalis 'Double Peach Blush' blossom.

I am so happy to see this plant blooming.

It was purchased from Annies Annuals as a seedling last year.

Although most of the plants in the garden are California natives, planted specifically for the pollinators, now and then I do plant something just because it's so lovely, especially when it blooms in the winter.

It definitely isn't a shade of peach or apricot, but very delicate in color.

I had my doubts about this plant last year, because it only produced one small leaf late last spring, remaining three inches high.

But I still nurtured it, feeding it with grape seed compost as well as banana peels and used tea bags.

And now all those efforts prove to have been worthwhile, because the plant is now about six inches tall with this lovely blossom and another bud growing on a second stalk.

This is considered a hardy plant, and likes to be in a partly shady spot.

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