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American Robins feasting on Ivy Berries

Yesterday morning I noticed a flurry of activity going on in the backyard.

A dozen American robins had flown down from the redwood tree to the ivy vines laden with berries for a feast.

A few hours earlier that morning when I was on the patio, checking the water level of the bird bath, I heard the robins chirping and chattering high in the redwood tree which is growing in our neighbor's yard.

I could see the robins flying to and from the top of the tree, and for about ten minutes observed two of the birds sitting quietly on outer branches, while the others were hidden under thicker cover of branches and needles. Maybe they were keeping an eye on me, making sure I wasn't going to take their berries.

This particular thicket of ivy leaves and berries is about twenty feet away from the redwood tree.

As you can see, although it was late morning, it wasn't very bright outdoors.

The distinctive burnt orange color of the chest and underside of the birds and their movement caught my eye.

Someone here has picked a berry mid-flight.

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