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Bird’s-eyes Gilia first blooms

Ah, one of my favorite California natives, the Bird’s-eyes Gilia Gilia tricolor.

They are so lovely with lavender edged petals and bright, almost turquoise blue anthers.

I originally purchased several of these plants as seedlings from Annies Annuals two years ago.

They immediately became one of my favorites, so delicate with feathery leaves.

When it is breezy, as it usually is where we live, these Gilias seem to gracefully dance.

And bees are crazy for the nectar of these lovely blossoms, covering themselves with the striking blue pollen while sipping the nectar.

Fearing that the gilias wouldn't reseed, I purchased several more seedlings last Spring.

It wasn't necessary, because the gilias seeded themselves over large patches of our native garden area.

Growing among California poppies, the gilias formed a mini prairie.

And now we have the first of hopefully hundreds if not thousands of gilias.

Distinctive tiny shoots with fronds are appearing in even larger patches of the garden.

No need to purchase the seedlings this year.

Here are the first gilia blossoms of the year.

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